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Oncology Departments of Turkish Hospitals provide patients with interdisciplinary clinical work.


Providing infrastructure for early diagnosis and treatment in cancer, Turkish healthcare units supply specific, modern and humanitarian solutions in fighting one of the greatest threats of mankind.

Under the framework of a multidisciplinary approach, treatment for all solid tumors (chemotherapy, biotherapy and immunotherapy) is made available (orally, systematically and regionally) by specialist physicians and specially-trained nurses. In an era where treatment of cancer patients without any surgical intervention is a reality Cyberknife / Gammaknife treatment is utilized by Turkish Physicians.In cases where radiation oncology is key “Three-dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy”, “Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy” (IMRT), “Brachytherapy”, “Ultrasound-guided Transperineal Prostate Implant” are endorsed. Every year the private leading and accredited hospitals perform thousands of chemotherapies and radiation oncology sessions as well as major complex oncological surgeries.

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